Book now For Fast Track Dog Training Classes

Congratulations on making the decision to book a Fast Track Dog Training Course. Using the secure online payment service company Paypal ensures secure transactions and peace of mind. Alternatively, you can book a course by cheque or postal order by downloading and filling in the booking form (click here to download booking form) and sending it together with your payment. If you would like to pay via internet banking, please contact me.

To book a course below just select the appropriate course (Puppy or Beginners course) and the relevant starting date and click the paypal button next to the date of your choice, on your payment form you will see the starting date displayed and the course. When the transaction is complete you will be given details of your course.

Please note that when you first visit the class we will need to see your dogs inoculation certificate

Puppy Foundation Classes - These classes are designed for young puppies strictly from the age range of 10 - 18 weeks old at the time of starting the course. It is a 4 week course and plays a vital part of your puppies social development, classes start at 6pm and 7pm as well as one hour long session in a local park

Beginners Dog Training Classes - There is no age restriction on these classes and they are the perfect stepping stone for your dog’s development. This is an 8 week course and classes start at 8pm and we will meet twice in a local park for hour long training sessions.

Fast Track Dog Training Puppy Foundation Course Start Dates 2022
Before booking please read "Are our classes right for you" and our terms and conditions at the foot of this page
Puppy Foundation Classes £45
Wednesday 5th January starting 6pm sorry class is full
Wednesday 2nd February starting 6pm
Wednesday 2nd March starting 6pm
Wednesday 6th April starting 6pm
Wednesday 4th May starting at 6pm
Wednesday 8th June starting at 6pm
Wednesday 6th July starting at 6pm
Wednesday 10th August starting 6pm
Wednesday 7th September starting at 6pm
Wednesday 12th October starting 6pm
Wednesday 9th November starting at 6pm



Fast Track Dog Training - Beginners Dog Training Course Restarting 2022 - £95
Before booking please read "Are our classes right for you" and our terms and conditions at the foot of this page
Wednesday 2nd February starting at 7pm
Wednesday 6th April starting at 7pm
Wednesday 8th June starting at 7pm
Wednesday 10th August starting at 7pm
Wednesday 12th October starting at 7pm



  • No dog that display aggression will be eligible to enrol.
  • Bookings will be on a first come first served basis.
  • Course fee will be paid in full prior to start of your course(by Pay Pal online, cheque or PO).
  • Refunds will only be given if you produce a written and signed report from your Veterinary Surgeon, detailing why your dog is unfit to complete the course.
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.