Fast Track Dog Training would like to offer you a few insights into the training methods that they use during their classes. Please remember all of our training methods are kind and reward based to your dog, we do not use shouting or the old outdated 'show them whose boss' training tactics.

  • Fast Track Dog Training - class

    Are Our Classes Right For Your Dog?

    If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs and likes meeting new people then our classes are designed for you.

    Does your dog bark and lunge at strangers, either canine or human?

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  • Fast Track Dog Training - nosework

    What is Nosework and Why Do We Teach It?

    There are many ways to exercise your dog and we’ve chosen nosework because it is easy to do, very satisfying for the dog, and doesn’t require expensive equipment or facilities.

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  • Fast Track Dog Training - our methods

    Our Methods - To Clicker Training and Beyond!

    Here in South Liverpool we’ve been dog training for nearly half a century but the methods we use now are very different thankfully to those used in the 80’s and 90’s.

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