Welcome to Fast Track Dog Training

Fast Track Dog Training - apdt logoWelcome to the Fast Track Dog Training website, I offer training for pet dog owners who would like to train their dog with methods that promote a calm and content family pet. The classes are run in the South Liverpool area of the United Kingdom.

Fast Track Dog Training is run by Helen Roberts. Helen is an experienced and fully qualified dog trainer and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (www.apdt.co.uk). Helen has been helping to train owners build a better bond between themselves and their pet for nearly 25 years.

Our dog training classes use 'clicker training' or verbal markers which is a kind reward based non-confrontational style of training that helps you see desired results to your training quickly.

Why choose Our Dog Training Classes?

There are other dog training clubs in Liverpool and Merseyside, why should you choose a Fast Track Dog Training class?

Why Choose My Dog Training Classes?
Fast Track Dog Training bullet For puppies - Puppies can be negatively influenced by older, untrained dogs so I cater for them specially in classes for pups under 18 weeks at the start of the course
Fast Track Dog Training - bullet For pet dogs - my classes are about living with your pet, with exercises designed to help him/her feel contented and, therefore, easier to live with
Fast Track Dog Training - bullet APDT qualified trainer who treats you and your dog as individuals
Fast Track dog Training - bullet Small classes (never more than 6 dogs in a class) This means I can help owners who are struggling with a specific part of the class on a more personal footing, and also the dogs get better individual attention during the class.
Fast Track Dog Training bullet Methods designed for real life that do not use fear, pain or discomfort
Fast Track Dog Training - bullet Classes held in a disability-accessible hall and in a secure outside area

Why not come along To one of My classes and have a look?

I am proud of my dog training classes in South Liverpool and the feedback I receive from owners. Before parting with your hard-earned money, why not come along without your dog to make sure this is where you’ll receive professional, sympathetic and family-friendly help?

Leaving your dog at home means you can watch the class without being distracted and your dog won’t be frustrated that he can’t join in the fun! Simply contact me by phone or email and I would be delighted to welcome you to one of our classes so you can see the fun the puppies and dogs have during an evening before deciding to join one of the courses.