Beginners Dog Training Class : 18 weeks and older

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In this Beginner’s class we will cover the four main issues most people have asked us to work on:

We have 8 hour-long sessions inside and an hour-long session in a local park and an hour long session in a secure area to practise what we've learned in the 'real world' for only £95.

The 4 main issues I am asked to help with are...
PULLING ON THE LEAD - Your dog pulls you down the road making your walk a constant 'battle'.
POOR RECALL - Having your dog saying 'see you later!' when you let him off lead.
BEING TOO ENTHUSIASTIC WHEN SAYING HELLO - Either to other people or other dogs
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Each week we will work outside the hall for a short time ( practise walking nicely on the lead). This is because you want a dog that can learn to be a ‘model citizen’ in the real world and not just in the training hall.

As well as the essential obedience exercises, in order to help your dog be calm at home, we have introduced exercises that are easy to do, fun for you and your dog, and will leave him happily tired. (see the nosework page for more details of this sport)

I welcome ALL legal breeds (e.g. not Pit Bulls) or legal mix of dog, providing that they are comfortable with other dogs and people. This is because I need to be sure that everyone in the class can relax in the knowledge that neither they nor their dog is in any danger from other attendees.

I would like as many family members to attend as possible as I’m sure you all want to learn how best to train your dog. Children are especially welcome (they sometimes make much better dog trainers than adults!) and must be supervised at all times.

Fast Track Dog Training - book now button

Contact Helen by telephone (0151 722 3767)
or use the form to contact us and I will reply as swiftly as possible if you are unsure if your dog will be suitable for class or if you wish to book a home visit for a behaviour consultation please contact my colleague Lyn Fleet.

Lyn is an experienced and well-respected dog trainer and behaviourist who is a member of the ICB (International Canine Behaviourists). Lyn offers both behaviour consultations and one-to-one training and is the only person to whom I refer owners for those problems that will not be resolved by classes